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01/11/24 09:53 AM #4328    


David Lynn

I know them.

01/14/24 11:22 AM #4329    


Jan Allred (Carter)

Good job Cindy and Blair! That's Amazing!

01/21/24 06:27 PM #4330    


Shauna Bona (Leetham)

Great job Cindy and Blair!! It's not a shock to hear of Cindy doing great things! She was always so organized even in Jr. High! She was so kind and caring to everyone! Sorry Blair I'm sure you were to but you were not hanging out with us girls!    Time for our class to get together!! And who is in charge of our next reunion??  I think it's Dave and Daryl, Right????????

01/22/24 10:08 AM #4331    


David Lynn

I think its Shauna, Jan, Kathy and Jill

01/23/24 08:36 AM #4332    


Daryl Tucker

I agree with Dave!

01/23/24 06:33 PM #4333    


Jan Allred (Carter)

I agree with Shauna 

01/24/24 01:52 PM #4334    


David Lynn

We'll be happy to help you Jan. 

01/27/24 11:47 AM #4335    


David Lynn

What are we doing for your birthday Jay?

01/27/24 05:51 PM #4336    


Jay Boyer

A round of golf would be nice!

02/12/24 03:56 PM #4337    


Kenneth Strong

54 of our class have passed on that we know about. Much love that I have for all of our classmates. May you all take care and prepare for out upcoming class reunion. Your all the best.

02/23/24 09:31 PM #4338    


Daryl Tucker

Just received word that Tony Child passed away on Wednesday.  I'll share details on services as soon as I learn them.

02/29/24 04:46 PM #4339    


Daryl Tucker



Anthony Harold Child

1951 - 2024

West Jordan, UT-In Loving Memory of Anthony Harold Child, 9/11/1951 - 02/21/2024

On February 21, 2024, Anthony Child peacefully departed from this world in West Jordan, Utah, leaving behind cherished memories and a legacy that will forever be treasured. Born on September 11, 1951, in Springville, Utah, to Elaine and Art Child, he graced this world with his presence and touched the lives of many.

Anthony Child was a man of honor, integrity, and unwavering devotion. He served his country proudly as a Marine, embodying the values of duty, loyalty, and courage throughout his life. His commitment to service extended beyond his military career, as he devoted himself wholeheartedly to his roles as a loving husband and a dedicated father.

With a passion for the great outdoors, Anthony Child found joy in nature's embrace. Whether he was skiing down the slopes or embarking on hunting expeditions, he reveled in the beauty of the outdoors and the thrill of adventure. His adventurous spirit and love for nature will continue to inspire all who knew him.

Anthony Child is survived by his beloved wife, Tatyana Child, his sisters Cheryl Wilson and Stacey Weeks, and his three adoring children, Brian Child, Angie Jelin, and Theresa Child. His presence will be deeply missed, but his love and influence will continue to live on in the hearts of those who were fortunate enough to know him.

As we bid farewell to Anthony Child, let us remember the warmth of his smile, the strength of his character. Though he may no longer walk beside us, his spirit will forever guide us, and his memory will be cherished eternally.

A celebration of Anthony Child's life will be held from 1-3pm on March 17, 2024 at The Willows, 161 E 700 N, Springville, UT In lieu of flowers, the family requests that donations be made to Wounded Warrior Project.

Rest in peace, dear Anthony Child. Your journey may have come to an end, but your legacy will live on in the hearts of all who knew and loved you.

03/03/24 05:38 PM #4340    


David Lynn

Let's go to that and after eat somewhere while we assign Shauna to be in charge of the next reunion. Tony was a great classmate.

03/11/24 11:14 AM #4341    


Linda Schardine

Sorry to hear about Tony, he was a great guy!   

I hear we're having another reunion. I was planning on driving out, Coke and Marvin want to come too. Is there a date yet?     Hope everyone is doing good.   Just living my life in Idaho..........


03/12/24 12:59 PM #4342    


Daryl Tucker

Got word this morning that Moroni Miner has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and is now in hospice. Please direct some good thoughts and prayers for him. He is asking for some privacy as he deals with the prognosis.

Thanks to Susan Hardy Stutzneger for providing some missing obituary information for Connie Crane, Pierre Harding, and Kurt Johnson. It can be found on the In Memory section of this website.

03/21/24 02:48 AM #4343    


Shauna Bona (Leetham)


Mormon McDonald called me today to tell me that Moroni has passed! He will be missed by all of us! Norm said he died with his loved ones with him! I had a chance to talk to him last week! He was still positive and talked about how he loved our class! We laughed and cried about some of our crazy parties! He wasn't t afraid of death because he said he had more people on the other side! He also said you know Shauna I have a strong Mormon heritage! Then you know me I said  no 💩 MORONI, here's your sign!!! Then we did laugh! I'm so glad I got to have that last talk with him!  We all need to reach out to each other more!  All I know is that they are having a veiwing on Monday and something on Tuesday!  When I find out more I'll post it!


03/21/24 08:51 AM #4344    


David Lynn

Thanks Shauna. Moroni was a great guy. Thanks for the information. It was good to see you and others at Tony's memorial. It was nice.


03/21/24 09:55 AM #4345    


Shauna Bona (Leetham)

Sorry I just read this! His name is Norman McDonald! Geez, when you can't sleep and you write something! Oh well we're not old!!! Have a great day! We all need to be in charge of the reunion! Any ideas!!!!!!

03/22/24 12:48 PM #4346    


Clint Bailey

So sorry to hear about Moroni.  A good friend.  He was an old school Springvillite.  I could always count on him to give me Springville updates when I wold wonder back from college.  I would appreciate any updated information on his funeral.

03/23/24 10:39 AM #4347    


Daryl Tucker

Moroni Francis Miner

January 1, 1951 — March 20, 2024

Springville, UT

Moroni Francis Miner, age 73 of Springville, Utah passed away at his home on March 20, 2024. He was born in Payson, Utah January 1, 1951 to Marion (Med) Francis Miner and Marie Adriana Teerlink Miner.

He was a lifelong resident of Springville.  Educated at Springville High School, Moroni also had a proud history of service in the Utah National Guard, having enlisted as a senior in high school. His military service was a source of great pride for him.  He married Lynnette McDonald in 1985.  They were later divorced.  Moroni gained two daughters from this marriage and subsequent grandchildren.  Moroni remained close to his grandchildren.  Especially his granddaughter, Alisha Borel who took care of her grandpa during the last weeks of his life along with Chelsea Bickmore and her family.  Moroni was an excellent grandfather and he loved his grandchildren dearly.

Moroni's professional journey began working for Wheeler Machinery in Salt Lake City before driving trucks for Clyde Company. However, it was during the later part of his life that he found his true calling as a security guard. Moroni continued in this position until just two months before his passing.

Outside of work and service, Moroni was an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He found joy in genealogy work and temple service, especially when it involved honoring his Dutch ancestors.

Moroni is preceded in death by his parents and his sister, Lucille Miner. He is survived by his brother David Hausmann of Overgaard, AZ, cousins, and many others whom he considered bonus family.

A graveside service to honor Moroni's life will be held at 11:00 a.m. on March 26, 2024, at the Springville Evergreen Cemetery in Springville, Utah.

03/23/24 09:15 PM #4348    


Shauna Bona (Leetham)

Hi everyone!! It's time for another reunion. I have talked to a few of you and we have decided to have it on Art City Days! Will have a party on the 7th of June! Ann Memory Paxton is generously going to let us have it at their property up by Kelly"s grove! We will be riding in the parade on the 8th! We also have an anonymous donor to pay for our party!  Will know more later so watch for updates!!! Anyway you will all have to put the dates down!! 

03/24/24 01:08 PM #4349    


Linda Schardine

So sorry to hear about Moroni, so many fun times and memories. He will be missed! He was such a unique character!

 Thanks Shawna for the reunion info, I plan on driving out. Looking forward to the fun and antics of the class of 69, love this class!!

03/25/24 11:12 AM #4350    


Eric Bird

Important message, Our 55th class reunion is getting near.  Thanks to Shauna Bona Leetham and Ann Memory Paxton, a time and place have been selected.  Paxton property up left hand fork of Hobble Creek canyon on Friday June 7th. There is still alot of things to be decides on.  On Thursday March 28th at 7 pm, at Eric Birds home, 1266 N 700 W Mapleton, there will be a meeting of anyone interested in helping to plan the rest of the reunion. Please come or call with any suggestions. 801-362-2653 Thank You

04/15/24 09:47 PM #4351    


Eric Bird

If there is anybody that is interested in helping with the BIG 55 year Class Reunion, There will be another meeting at Eric Birds home( 1266 N 700 W Mapleton) on Thursday, April 18th at 7 p.m.  Carl Haymond said he is going to bring treats.  HELP See you soon

04/16/24 06:30 AM #4352    


Mart E. (Gardner)

I can help. I can't make the meeting as I have to get up 4:00 AM to drive the school bus. My wife can help too. 

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