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08/23/22 01:06 PM #4230    


Mart E. (Gardner)

Glenna and I can make it too. 
May I suggest los hermanos orem mall. 

08/23/22 01:18 PM #4231    


Marvin Dansie

If can you make it August 31 or September 1st, Coke and I will be there :-)

08/24/22 10:44 AM #4232    


Kate Robertson (Schoening)

Hello Friends

I can make any of those dates, but if Marvin will be here on September 1st, we should plan around that date.  Daryl, thanks for organizing and let me know if you need any help.  It will be fun to see everyone!


08/25/22 11:31 AM #4233    


Daryl Tucker

Okay! let's plan on Los Hermanos at the Orem Mall on September 1st. Shall we say 7 pm? How does everyone feel about that?

08/26/22 11:06 AM #4234    


Daryl Tucker


Eric Bird called me this morning and suggested we could hold our dinner next week in his backyard in Mapleton. I LIKE IT! What do you all think? We could do a potluck in Eric's fabulous backyard and spend an evening where we can really enjoy each other's company. Give me some feedback and if we decide to take Eric up on his offer we can make plans accordingly. 

Chime in!

08/26/22 01:12 PM #4235    


Mart E. (Gardner)

I like Los Hermanos. I'm driving school bus and so I have a 4:00 am start that makes it hard to stay out late. 

What about an meeting afterwards for the backyard story swap for anyone who can.


08/26/22 01:14 PM #4236    


Kate Robertson (Schoening)

Eric's back yard sounds great to me......count me in, and happy to bring a dish!!



08/26/22 06:27 PM #4237    


Shauna Bona (Leetham)

Eric's sounds great! Party on Dudes!!!!!

08/26/22 06:27 PM #4238    


Shauna Bona (Leetham)

Eric's sounds great! Party on Dudes!!!!!

08/27/22 12:06 PM #4239    


Carl Haymond

Many thanks to Eric and Noralee for hosting our "wing-ding" You guys are vey kind and WAY'll be a great time. I'll plan to bring a fresh fruit tray. See y'all Thursday.

08/27/22 01:06 PM #4240    


Daryl Tucker

Eric says he will provide the meat main course of meatballs and chicken. (Maybe we can slip him a couple of bucks to help with costs.) The rest of us can bring salads or other side dishes, maybe some rolls, desserts and sodas. (Coke and Pepsi products so everyone gets their brand.) I'll bring a dessert. Maybe post here that you'll be at Eric's (1266 N 700 W, Mapleton) next Thursday at 7:00 and what you're bringing. Mart, Eric says he'll have food ready right at 7 so you could still maybe join us and get to bed early. Otherwise, we'll plan the next one on a Saturday or a night when there's no school the next day. 

Okay, everybody, let us hear from you that you'll be there and what you'll bring to share so we don't all show up with bags of Doritos!

08/27/22 01:56 PM #4241    


Shauna Bona (Leetham)

  Hello classmates!   Plan on Jan,Jill, Kathie and me!! Will bring fruit, vegetables, and chips!!!!

08/27/22 04:45 PM #4242    


David Lynn


08/28/22 07:12 PM #4243    


Linda Schardine

Sounds  great! Can't wait to see everyone!

I'll bring something.... let me know how to get to Erics house again.....

08/28/22 10:46 PM #4244    


Kate Robertson (Schoening)

I will be there and I'll bring a pasta salad.  I can also grab rolls!



08/30/22 10:48 PM #4245    


Eric Bird

Looking forward to Thursday night, it will be a great time in Eric's back yard.  We appriciate those who have volunteered to bring pot luck .   We could use some help with the following items.    2 dozen rolls, salsa dipping chips, Coke and Pepsi products,   We will have water, ice and lots of shade. 

Please feel you can come without bringing anything but yourself. 

If you have any questions please call Eric  at 801-362-2653  Address 1266 North 700 West Mapleton.


09/02/22 10:30 AM #4246    


Kenneth Strong

Thanks for a wonderful evening Eric. Such a beautiful yard. Great to see those who attended. I'm so lucky to have such kind friends in a grateful class.

09/02/22 11:44 AM #4247    


David Lynn

Great time, great people and great food, thanks Eric. Hope you find all your golf balls.

09/02/22 01:40 PM #4248    


Daryl Tucker

It was a great night for a party in Eric's backyard! Thanks to Eric and Nora and thanks to everyone who was able to come. We'll get together again soon and hope more of you will be able to make it!

09/20/22 09:25 PM #4249    


Eric Bird

I just would like to thank all those who were able to come to the pot luck dinner at our home a few weeks ago.  it was a great visit.  Someone did left a pair of green sunglasses with a duck on them.  I would be glad to return them to there rightful owner if i knew who they belong to.  We forgot to take a picture today of our golf outting at Hobble Creek.  Myself, Rick Patten, Roger Judd, David Lynn, and Richard Hjorth played some really fun golf.  We would love to do it again and have more classmates join us, so please let  Richard Hjorth or me know if you would like to join us, sometime in the future.

09/21/22 10:47 AM #4250    

Richard Patten

It's always a fun experience to play golf with '69er' friends, especially at Hobble Creek.  What a beautiful course, one of a kind.  (And no one made fun of my golf game either, that was the best part.)  I wish i could have been to Linda's event, but inflexible local committments made it impossible.  I'll try to make the next one.


09/21/22 10:59 AM #4251    


David Lynn

Hey, those ducks are mine. Thanks for the golf Eric.

09/21/22 05:52 PM #4252    


Roger Judd

I had a great time playing golf with Eric Bird, Richard Patton, David Lynn, and Richard Hjorth. I hadn't played Hobble Creek in a long time. Coming off a vacation to Paris I didn't do very well I jet lag made me feel inapt. But like Richard Patton, nobody made fun of our game, so that was a big plus yes I wouldn't mind playing again sometime that was fun. 

11/01/22 11:30 PM #4253    


Kenneth Strong

 Share a Memory

Lorin Pinegar HallOct 2, 1951 - Oct 28, 2022

"Always look on the bright side of life….."

Lorin Pinegar Hall left this world on the morning of October 28th at the age of 71. Possibly to avoid sitting through another "cold depressing winter".

Lorin was born to Norley and Elaine Hall on October 2nd 1951. The 4th child, eventually the middle child in a family of six children. Living up to his middle child status he was defiant, but delightfully so. Testing his parent's patience and causing more than one CNA to yell down the hall "Lorin!".

He attended School in Springville where he ran track and most likely caused his teachers to question their choice of occupation. Immediately after high school he joined the Army National Guard. Upon returning, he married Doris weight. They moved around a bit and had five kids. Eventually settling in Springville. He and Doris divorced 14 years later. He moved around a bit more, at one point owning a small Cherry Orchard in Spanish Fork.

He was a jack of all trades, a bit of a MacGyver, on more than one occasion fixing an appliance with a rubber band and a piece of wire. He excelled at concrete, had a degree in HVAC repair, worked as an elementary custodian, but he was proudest of his proficiency as a crane operator for Geneva Steele.

Lorin loved to garden, but hated to weed. Which his children find extremely ironic considering his numerous rants about the virtue of hard work. So much so did he instill this in his children that they all feel a bit guilty about taking the day off for his funeral. But will do it anyway because they love him.

He liked to cook and had some very interesting recipes. If anyone would like to see his recipes, we recommend that you don't. No he was not a Master Chef, but he critiqued others as if he was, on several occasions loud enough for the cook to hear.

He was world renowned for not holding back his opinion and had a knack for telling it like it is. His vocabulary was extensive… in his knowledge of curse words. And he was so creative in how he used them! You always knew where you stood with him.

He is preceded to Heaven by his beloved German Shorthair Pointer Susie, his father Norley and his sister and favorite babysitter Phyllis.

He is survived by his extremely patient and caring mother Elaine, four siblings: Lynette (Merrill), Norley (Becky), Kevin (Barbara), Allen (Mary) children: Stacey, Jamey (Brian), Darrick (Heidi) Raquel, Jasper, and nine grandchildren: Cicely, Trever, Hayden, Chloe, Amanda, EmmaLee, Bridger, Jessica and Nicole.

He will be sorely missed. Especially his unusual brand of positivity. He enjoyed an ironic twist and would laugh every chance he got. In the words of Monty Python "Always look on the bright side of death just before you draw your terminal breath..". If you find this inappropriate, you probably didn't know him very well.

A viewing will be held Wednesday Nov. 2nd from 9:00 to 11:00 AM at the LDS church located at 878 W Center street in Springville. Although his children will not be honoring his wish to be propped up on a chair with a recording of his voice greeting guests. The funeral will follow at 11:30.

We would like to thank the many people that have kept him comfortable and alive these past 7 years: Char Danielle, Laina, Wendy, Brianne, Jackie and the multiple other caregivers who serve with all their hearts

11/03/22 12:49 PM #4254    


Daryl Tucker

Thanks, Ken. I'm adding Lorin's obituary to the In Memory section of the website.

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