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08/03/23 01:42 PM #4297    


Daryl Tucker

Eric Bird has been generous to let us use his backyard again for a class get-together. We are setting it for September 2nd. We are thinking of hiring a caterer depending on all your feelings. We'd need to know by August 9th if you can come and if you want a catering option. ($15 to $20 per person.) Who can make it and what do you prefer for a dinner option?

08/04/23 10:01 AM #4298    


Blair Packard

Cindy and I would like to join the group for this dinner on Sept 2nd. We could probably make other dates that work for the group as well. We look forward to catching up with everyone. 

08/04/23 11:23 AM #4299    


Mart E. (Gardner)

Glenn's and I are planning on coming. We like the catering.  

08/05/23 09:16 AM #4300    


Carl Haymond

Thanks Daryl for organizing a class gathering/meal and thanks to Eric for hosting our get together!

We are planning to attended and will be able to helpout where needed. We will be available on any date that works for the group. It will be a fun time!

08/10/23 03:49 PM #4301    


Douglas Wheeler

Kris and I will be there let us know the time and amount 

08/11/23 11:57 AM #4302    


Daryl Tucker

Eric pointed out to me there is a BYU football game that night and suggested some would probably be getting tickets to go. He suggested we start at 4 pm. I'm okay with that. How do the rest of you feel? Does it change any commitments? Still talking about whether or not to cater it. Costs might be closer to $25 per to include delivery and set up. How do you feel about that? Pot Luck is still an option.

08/12/23 02:21 AM #4303    


Kenneth Strong

If you need a firm count best I say no. Lots of stuff going on with my son so I best not commit

08/12/23 11:32 AM #4304    


Mart E. (Gardner)

We are ok with the time change. At $25 the potluck is looking better. So bring you own meat, drink and something to share. 

08/12/23 01:22 PM #4305    


Blair Packard

Cindy and I get into town late morning that day, so the earlier start time at 4:00 pm works for us. Make it a tailgate party!

08/13/23 09:45 AM #4306    


Eric Bird

Good morning I'm guessing that probably potluck might be the best alternative to the backyard tailgate party also, I have a teatime at Hobble Creek Golf Course for three additional golfers on Thursday, August 17 at 8:30 in the morning if there's anyone out there that would like to come golf with me, Richard, Jay, and a couple other guys Let me know🏌️‍♂️🏌🏼‍♀️🏌🏻⛳️ 

08/13/23 04:03 PM #4307    


Kate Robertson (Schoening)

Hello Everyone!

I will not be able to make the September 2nd tailgate party (Boo).  I'll be in Idaho attending a grandaughters wedding shower.  It's been a crazy busy summer!  I hope everyone is enjoying the warm days and staying healthy and happy!

08/14/23 12:10 PM #4308    


Daryl Tucker

Congratulations on the granddaughter's wedding, Kate! Sorry you can't be there on the 2nd, but we'll plan more get-togethers. Let's go with the pot luck/tailgater! I'll bring some hot dogs (beef - the good kind. Can we use your grill, Eric?) and some buns and also some paper plates. What can you others bring? Burgers and buns? Chips? Drinks? Sides? Desserts? Throw in some plastic tableware, cups and napkins along with your food and we'll have a great party!

08/14/23 04:02 PM #4309    


David Lynn

Count me there Eric.

I'll bring whatever you might think you need, except a bus.

08/15/23 10:26 PM #4310    


Daryl Tucker

Eric Bird and Richard Hjorth have generously offered to provide pulled pork from Dave Cope's Springville Meat Company. The rest of us can bring the buns, chips, drinks and dessert. Eric also says he has plates, and the rest of the paper goods. I'll be glad to bring a couple dozen buns. Maybe the rest of you can volunteer what you will bring so we cover the bases for a great time on the 2nd of September at 4:00!

08/16/23 09:00 AM #4311    


Douglas Wheeler

I'm in for melons if that's okay 

08/16/23 10:59 AM #4312    


Carl Haymond

Sound like a great time is on tap!

I will bring my Texas/Dutch Oven smoked baked beans.

See y'all on the 2nd!

08/16/23 11:25 AM #4313    


Mart E. (Gardner)

Put us down for a dessert. We will bring a strawberry and cream dessert 

08/16/23 12:01 PM #4314    


David Lynn

I'll bring soda but you need to request flavors unless Diet Dr. Pepper is your choice.

08/24/23 08:38 PM #4315    


Stephen Harder

I won't be able to make it to this party this time because I will be at the airport to pick up my Grandson, Jaxon Smith, He will finish his mission in North Carolina. We have some catching up to do. Have Fun,stay safe my friends.

08/28/23 08:41 PM #4316    


Eric Bird






Friendly reminder, this saturday September 2nd at 4:00 pm at Eric Birds home, 1266 North 700 West in Mapleton, There is going to be a classmate gathering. Pulled pork will be provided by Richard. Daryl is binging buns, Carl has baked beans, Dave has the brew, diet Dr. Pepper covered, Doug has melons, Mart has a dessert, Eric has plates, plastic ware, ice and water and tomatos and cucumbers, and salsa.  Somebody could bring chips and maybe another dessert and any kind of potluck,and a few more people. Looking forward to seeing Blair and Cindy, and as always spouses are welcome.

Driving directions. While driving south from Springville to Mapleton on highway 89  turn left at the top of the incline on to 1200 north, just before the Holiday gas station. Drive east to 700 west and turn left, 2nd house on the east side of road.  You may park in the driveway.  That has always bugged me why do we park on driveways and drive on parkways?  Let me know if I missed anything.  Go Cougs



























08/29/23 10:32 AM #4317    


David Lynn

I'll bring some diet Mt. Dew for Ken, water, diet Coke and any other request.

We'll think of you Steve. Bring him with you.


08/30/23 05:42 PM #4318    


Mart E. (Gardner)

We are sorry to back out at this late date, but family needs have pushed there way in. You all have a fun time and we catch you all next time. 

09/02/23 12:08 PM #4319    


Jan Allred (Carter)

Jan and Jill are coming. We will bring a dessert and chips. I think Kathie and Craig are coming  too.

09/09/23 02:46 PM #4320    


Daryl Tucker

Our classmate, Steven Barker, recently passed away. I've added his name and obituary to the In Memory section of this website.  RIP Steve.

09/09/23 05:46 PM #4321    


UTawna Johnson (Witney)

I'm so sorry to hear about Steve Barker passing away. Steve was such a good guy ... the quiet one who got it done in his quiet way. RIP Steve. ♥♥

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