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12/13/20 09:58 AM #4060    


Jan Allred (Carter)

Thank you so much my friends! I love and appreciate all of you!

12/30/20 01:56 PM #4061    


Marvin Dansie

We are almost there. In two days it will be a new year and we will have survived 2020. Lets just hope 2021 is a little less crazy.

I would really like to wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR :-)


01/03/21 06:16 PM #4062    


Linda Schardine

Happy New Year to everyone!

Wow, 2020 has been the year of so many losses! I'm so sorry Jan and Jill to hear about your loss, it changes you for sure..... my heart breaks for you!!

Things just have to get better now, they just don't seem like they could get much worse.  I am very thankful for this class! I don't get on it like I should, but think of you all a lot and wish you the best year in 2021~~~

04/27/21 03:13 PM #4063    


Kate Robertson (Schoening)

Hello classmates and friends -

Life has been tough and strange for a long time and I'm hoping that eveyone is navigating all the changes we're experiencing.  All I can say is that we were very lucky to have grown up in the environment that we did.  Such a simpler time with forever friends.  

Things are starting to open up and I believe and hope that life is moving to a more normal existence.  2020 was rough all the way around.  It can only get better - right!?  I'd love to hear from everyone and see what is happening out there!  And......can we try and get together soon?  

Here's my short update.....I'm still working, not retired - I kind of prefer that.  I moved into a condo in Daybreak just before tha pandemic hit, I'm still trying to get used to single condo living, it's quiet.  I gave up on the red hair, so it's totally white, much easier.  Turning 70 was did that happen?  I don't feel older, but it just sounds old!  My immediate family have been very lucky through this mess.  My daughter was the only person to contract Covid and it was mild.  We're all just mentally tired!  The grandkids missed the most, senior baseball season, graduation, proms, cheer, and so much more.  Our family had loses like a lot of you all did and my love and prayers go out to all of you.  My grandson got married so that was a bright spot in the crazy year, and I got to polish my event planning skills - I'll admit, planning weddings is so much harder than planning a 50,000 person convention!  We pretended like there wasn't a pandemic and had it outside in the middle of August - it was great!  Got together with Tamra, Elene, Rosemary, Trisha and Joan in February - we travelled to St. George and had the best weekend ever.  I'm so grateful for my friends!!

Ok everyone - jump in and give us an update - go.....

04/28/21 11:56 AM #4064    


Carl Haymond

Great update Kate...y'all are looking great!

All is healthy and happy in my neck of the blessed!


04/28/21 08:13 PM #4065    


Roger Judd

Nice update Kate.
I am glad to have 2020 over with, I have had both of my vaccine doses, so I am ready to roll. I have been so bored, we had to cancel a trip to Europe (Paris and London), and three weeks in Hawaii due to the pandemic. I was able to fly to San Diego to see my grandchildren in Oceanside and play a little golf. I would be going stir crazy if it were not for Murray Parkway, Golf Course, I have been able to play about twice a week all last summer. My wife Sheri (Native Californian) decided after living here for 30 years she wanted to learn how to ski, this was a big blessing, it got us out of the house this winter. We bought her skis and I got rid of my old 1970s skis and bought new ones, and we each bought season passes to Alta. Due to the pandemic Alta was not giving lessons in December so I kind of taught her how to ski, she is doing really great. I have been 30 times this year, and Sheri’s been 24. She still works as a dental hygienist. In March last month we had our 43rd wedding anniversary and we were able to go to the JW Marriott in Scottsdale Arizona for a week, it was another great thing to get out and about. I guess our biggest news is that our youngest son Justin is graduating from medical school and has a great opportunity with the University of Texas in their health and science center as a resident.

This page has not been very active lately it would be nice to hear from everybody.



05/01/21 03:16 PM #4066    


Kate Robertson (Schoening)

Hello Friends

I'm writing to let you all know that one of our dearest friends and classmates, Tamra Swenson Cobbley, could use the strength of our collective prayers.  Tamra is going through some recent, serious health issues right now and I know how much she would appreciate your thoughts and prayers.  The Cobbley family and Tam's close friends, invite you all to join with them this Sunday in fasting and praying for Tam.  It's short notice, I know, but if you can, that would be fantastic, or just send a note to this website and throw some good vibes out there for her.  I'll make sure she sees everything and I know that she will feel it too.  I believe in the power of prayer and I believe in this class!  Tam is strong and she'll get through this!!!  Thank you all for being the best!!!

05/01/21 04:57 PM #4067    


Roger Judd

Tamra has always been great to me, Love ya, Tam. I will pray for you.


05/01/21 08:10 PM #4068    


UTawna Johnson (Witney)

Prayers for you, Tam. Love ya ♥♥

05/02/21 09:05 AM #4069    


Marvin Dansie

Hang in there Tamra. Your in our thoughts and prayers and the "Class of 69" is rooting for your recovery.

05/02/21 10:17 AM #4070    


Cathy Bartholomew (Gadd)

Prayers and love for you Tamra !!

05/02/21 11:09 AM #4071    

Kathy Jensen (Wheeler)

Thank you for this information.  Our hearts break for Tamra and Boyd.  We both will be honored to join with the Great Class of '69 in prayer and fasting for this amazing woman.  Sending love and warm thoughts.  Paul & Kathy

05/02/21 12:35 PM #4072    


Carol Cragun (Chandler)

Sending thoughts and prayers and fasting for you dear Tamra. May you be blessed and strengthened and comforted. 

05/02/21 01:02 PM #4073    


Paul Wheeler


My heart breaks knowing that my sweet cousin in going through these hard times. Thoughts of us as youngsters with our family's are special in my life and knowing your wonderful family, especially your mother and father, help to keep us all grounded. I hope that you can draw comfort and strength, that same strength that has helped you through troubles and trials gone by. Know that you are loved by family and friends.


05/02/21 07:25 PM #4074    


Jay Boyer


So sorry to hear about your struggles. Please know that we are a group of (albeit older) people that are truly concerned for your well being. It is heartening to see all of us united in our desire and prayers for you. Also, a thank you to Kate for making us aware of this opportunity to help out even in a small way.


05/03/21 12:56 AM #4075    


Susan Hardy (Stutznegger)

May I say that we have quite the remarkable class - the fact that so many of you care and are willing to pray for one of our friends from high school is amazing.  I don't know what was in the water in Springville but it sure turned out a bunch of golden oldies!

Tamra - we all love you.  We know you are in the Lord's hands.  We will plead and beg for you to brighten this world longer.  I have lost two dear friends in the past two months.  I will use my bargaining power with Heavenly Father - if I have any - to ask to take care of you!

May our year be better!  Susan

05/03/21 07:20 AM #4076    


Carl Haymond

Dear Tamra,

We are so very sorry to hear about your struggles.  I hope and pray that you will be receive health and strength during this difficult time.  You are a cherrished friend and you are always an example of goodness to everyone.

Kate - thank you for lettus us know about Tamra's situation.

Take care and all the best.     

05/03/21 10:05 AM #4077    


Daryl Tucker

Tam, I'm so sorry to hear you are dealing with health issues! I was so glad to see you at the Strap Tank a few months ago. You are such an important member of our class and have been an angel of mercy to many. My prayers and good thoughts are with you, now, as you fend off these physical challenges. Call on the strength of your classmates to help you in every way you can. We love you and will be here for you always!

05/03/21 10:12 AM #4078    


David Lynn

Please, Please get well. devil All of our prayers are with you.

05/03/21 10:35 AM #4079    


Jan Allred (Carter)

Sending thoughts and prayers your way Tamra! Love you so much!

05/04/21 01:03 AM #4080    


Donald Jensen

First of all I"m  Glad to see some happy thoughts and messages back on the class web site .Its been a long and boaring winter with all of us hidding from the virus. I hope that we are all well . Let"s all send a prayer and some happy thoughts to Tamra. She has always been a very brite light in this class. its nice of see some class members getting out and haveing some fun. We all love you Tamra get well soon . 

05/05/21 01:36 PM #4081    


Michael Stephenson

Very proud to be a sixty niner.  Just think of the people that we still help and think of, for over 50 years. You all make our class proud.  Tamera,and all that has had hardships, with sickness or death, has always  had our prayers and support. Regardless of where, or what we have achieved.or where we live.   Go,go,go 69.   Prayers for you Tamera and your family. Strength through our love for all the classmates of Springville High. Nice to know who will always have your back.

05/06/21 01:23 AM #4082    


Rebecca Fechser (Everett)

Hello all my lovely class of 69! First, I want to tell Tam, she'd better get well soon or I'll have to steal my aunt's car and come kidnap her!! You are in my prayers darlin gal. We are a strong, loving, faithful bunch. Our prayers are definitely heard.
Secondly, I loved your updates Kate and Roger!
Thirdly, I felt a strong desperation to hold my youngest son Chad to my heart and not let him be deployed last Sunday, for a 4th time to Afghanistan. This time, to leave his wife and 4 little children. He has survived 3 years, and hundreds of missions flying Chinooks and executing dangerous pinacle landings in three different areas, Kabul, Jalalabad, and Kandehar...
But this time they will be reduced practically to bivouac conditions and MREs, as the Army is closing out the mail service, the internet, the mess halls... His mission will be to pack up and ship out the birds and the avaiation equipment. Though they want them out, the Taliban will harrie them until they are gone.
Life is a balance between holding on and letting go. But as I let him go, I will never let go. I will be there with him, in his breast pocket. His heartbeat will be in my ears. His breath, my breath. He is the light of my eyes, the joy of my heart, the delight of my soul. I realize that this is a heavy burden for him to bear. But he is strong.
I try not to let superstitious worries drown me as I think: he has dodged Fate 3 times. I find solace in the beauties of the smallest details with Dennis out in the mountains and the red desert foraging pigments, in my lovely children and beautiful grandbeeboos, in the gospel, and in prayer. Please pray for him with me.
*Be safe, my dearest boy*

Comfort and solace to ALL you dear ones who have loved ones in harm's way.
ps: if anyone wants to see what I've been up to lately, you can look me up on Instagram if you like.

05/06/21 11:14 AM #4083    


Kenneth Strong

Thoughts and prayers go out to Tam. She is one of the bright stars of our class always trying to be on top of things. May anyone in our class that has problems know we are thinking of you. Proud to be a member of the greatest class to graduate from Springville and glad to see my grandchildren be leaders in the school and mighty devils.

05/06/21 11:13 PM #4084    


Shauna Bona (Leetham)

  I am so sorry Tamara. You are a such an important part of our class! You always bring people together and your kind to everyone. The least we can do for you is get you well again! Our prayers are strong and heard!  I hope everyone else is doing OK! What i know in this life, is it will change! Dealing with it is a different thing all together! "Just look in the mirror!!" Sometimes It can scare you! Sometimes you just say I earned these wrinkles! Who knew even your ears could wrinkle!!! Oh well, It is what it is!! Right???

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