40th Reunion Photos

Hi Everyone I loaded all the pictures that Calvin took at the reunion on Kodak Gallery.....I figured that anyone that wanted prints could order them directly from Kodak. You will have to create an account to look at the pictures.......the account is free and you are not required to put in a credit card (unless you decide to order prints). I have used Kodak Gallery for many prints. They are fast and do a great job. Here is the link to paste in your browser..........let me know if you have any questions. If you can't make it work, just send me an email to katesattitude@gmail.com and I will reply with the direct link.


 Here are a few more Reunion photos
Ann and Duane Paxton

 Linda Crandal Bird and Ann Memory Paxton - our ladies in charge of food.....Great Job!

Betty Castleton Pace and her husband Larry

Bob Barker hangin' with the ladies...

Brenda Morgan Bradley, Doug Wheeler and Ken Strong

Brent Hall and his lovely wife

Carol Golding