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05/31/19 01:35 PM #3911    


Randy Morgan

Some people have living room furniture, 

06/05/19 02:13 PM #3912    


Susan Hardy (Stutznegger)

I probably deleted the address to our Friday night paint the bus "experience."  Can you post again?  Thanks and see you soon!

06/05/19 07:31 PM #3913    


Dennis Sorensen

Friday – 4PM:  We will meet at Richard Hjorth’s place - 1375 West 800 N, Mapleton, for the painting of “the bus” and BBQ!   Everyone including spouses or significant other, please come and participate in the fun - starting at 4PM.

06/07/19 11:43 PM #3914    


Rebecca Fechser (Everett)

Hey Class of 69, what fun to paint the bus & hang out at Richard's tonight! Big thanks to all who made it fun! See you tomorrow!

06/14/19 09:09 AM #3915    


Marvin Dansie

Quite the painting crew. 

06/14/19 10:56 AM #3916    


David Lynn

I see Denny in that chair on the end. Great job Kate, Richard, Marvin, Daryl and the rest of you. Looks like there are 50 for the 50th.

06/15/19 09:06 AM #3917    


Marvin Dansie

Here are a few more pics. These pictures are compressed for the webpage, but if anyone would like the the much larger pictures please contact me on the website or by email (


06/25/19 05:30 PM #3918    


Clint Bailey

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to alert you that the Marriott Library's Utah Digital Newspapers Database has just completed the digitization of the Provo Herald/Daily Herald from 1909 - 2009.  A massive effort.  I posted previously that the Springville Herald from 1924 - 2008 can also be found in the Database.  It's an exciting keyword-searchable resource for those of us with roots in Utah County.  I've tested the database searchability.  Of course, my test centered on the Springville Herald in the 1960's.  A walk down memory lane.

It was great seeing everyone at the 50th reunion dinner.  My Lyft driver was also a class of 1969 graduate (what are the odds).  Funny conversation.  He commented that he wouldn't pay the money to see people he couldn't stand. I told him a person and/or persons in my class picked up the tab.  Very generous by the way..  I reminded him that it's been a half century and he should attend.  He asks me if I remember everyone and was I popular.  I say I remember most people and not real popular but why would that dissuade me from going.  He says I guess you're right we could be dead.  Happy guy.  I say, very good point.   

The Memorial Hall was an excellent location.  Could almost hear the song, "Stand By Me".  Hunting that slow dance at the end of the night which rarely came my way.  But hey, the live music was a real treat.  Loved the MH dances.

My mother is in her 90's and still lives in the same house.  Given her advanced age, I plan to double my visits.  I've taken her grocery shopping on a few occasions.   Perhaps will cross paths with one of you still living in the area.  That would be very cool.       

06/25/19 08:03 PM #3919    


UTawna Johnson (Witney)


Is that newspaper database an online thing that you have a link to?  I'd love to do some searching.

It was fun to see everyone at the reunion dinner.  Thank you to whoever funded it for us.  It was a great time.

06/26/19 04:41 PM #3920    


Clint Bailey

Hi UTawna,

Google Utah Digital Newspapers.  Click the home page.  You can type in Springville Herald.  It's faster to click the advanced search button.  You will see search boxes and a list of all newspapers with a box checked.  Click the check in the box  in front of all newspapers which gets rid of the checks.  Scroll down and check the box for Springville Herald.  Go up to the top of page and put in keyword.  Exact phrase is something you usually want. The bottom of the page will show the final query and a submit button.  Click submit and it takes you to all pages with the keyword.  The place in the newspaper page that contains the keyword will  have a purple or green highlight. The article can be enlaged with + button.  It's not perfect.  Example: Hi-Spot seems more precise than Hi Spot.  Sometimes might flag words with hi in other articles on the Hi Spot page.  Takes some playing around with searches.  It's worth it.  Takes you back to small town Springville.  Have fun! 

06/26/19 06:11 PM #3921    


UTawna Johnson (Witney)

Thank you, Clint.  I'll do some checking into it. :)

06/26/19 07:22 PM #3922    


Daryl Tucker (Tucker)

Thanks, Clint! As part of the Springville Historical Society I worked closely with Clint's colleagues, Kinza Masood and Jeremy Minti to get the Springville Herald newpapers digitized. They are a great treasure trove of Springville history. It's fantastic to have this resource available online, free of charge. The addition of the Daily Herald papers is equally fantastic and a monumental undertaking since it's a daily newspaper. There are also some issues of the old Springville Independant newspaper from a few years around 1900 which is also incredibly valuable for Springville history. Google Utah Digital Newspapers and check it out there is a ton of fun stuff to look up.

06/26/19 07:54 PM #3923    


Carl Haymond

Clint and Daryl, job well done! Your work on preserving and making the Springville history/legacy available is invaluable beyond measure. Many thanks!

06/26/19 08:29 PM #3924    


UTawna Johnson (Witney)

Clint and Daryl,

Now if all of the newspapers would get the idea that free is an amazing price!!  It would be so nice to be able to find genealogy information without having to pay for it.  *sigh* 

06/27/19 07:35 PM #3925    


Randy Morgan

06/27/19 08:53 PM #3926    


UTawna Johnson (Witney)



06/28/19 03:10 PM #3927    


Clint Bailey

Hi All,

Daryl should get most of the credit.  The Utah Digital Newspapers Project was well fueled by grants of around two million dollars from 2001 - 2011.  As with most grant funding, it became time to award the grant money to other worthy endeavors.  Local collection stewards like Daryl, are now required to make contact and understand the various funding sources.  I'm glad that I participated in the website enough that Daryl knew I might be of some help as he was running up against funding deadlines.  I really only gave a gentle reminder to some very busy library staff to re-connect with Daryl.  Springville is fortunate to have people like Daryl and others (Floyd and Denny (RIP) I admit I'm partial to the class of 69ers) willing to volunteer time.

You might be in for a frustrating search in the url that was linked by Randy.  It seems they tagged only article headlines.  Keyword searching can be very frustrating if you don't use the exact phrase component found in advance search.  For instance, you don't want every article with the name Johnson.  In this search engine you would get every article with Johnson in the headline.  It also doesn't give you the option to carve out year spans like 1960 - 1970.  While full text scanning with Optical Character Reconition (OCR) is a revolutionary access tool, one can get flooded with hits if you don't carve down the search parameters.

Park RoShe was an interesting search.  Who knows how to spell Park RoShe and/of Park Ro She if you'er not from Springvile or close to Springville?  I did find out that Professional Wrestling came to town in December, 1969 (the exact day escapes me) with a match where a wrestler named Ox Anderson wrestled a bear.  How did I miss that one?   

Fun to talk to everyone.      

06/28/19 03:49 PM #3928    


Daryl Tucker (Tucker)

Here's a picture from the Springville Herald printed 50 years ago this week. I don't recognize Dave Lynn as one of the swimmers, but he was probably nearby. I thought the interesting thing is that Linda and Coke Schardine's dad, Bud, is credited for building the starting blocks the swimmers are diving from. This is a sample of the cool stuff you can now find online at Utah Digital Newspapers. I clicked on the "advanced search" button, checked the "All newspapers" box to eliminate the checks on all the newspapers and then scrolled down to the Springville Herald and clicked to put a check just on that newspaper. Then I went back to the "date range" search and enter 1969-06-20 to 1969-06-30 and then scrolled down to the "submit" button at the bottom of the page. It brought up the Herald issue for June 26, 1969 and I looked through some of the pages and found this photo and article. It's pretty straight forward, but if you have difficulty let me know and I'll try and walk you through the process.

And thanks, Clint, for the shout out, but I had a small part in a large effort that thanks to you, the University of Utah and the Marriott Library gave us a huge gift of historical material to search for free online!

06/29/19 01:51 PM #3929    


David Lynn

It looks like everybody is going, even the kid on the side. All age groups at a time.

06/30/19 12:00 AM #3930    


Blair Packard

Yes, thank you Clint and Daryl. Some months ago when this information was posted earlier I took a trip down memory lane through the Springville Herald archives and found this classic (attached). It is at Springville Jr. High on the stairs, of Mr. Orton's typing class. Have fun remembering. On another topic for us 69ers who grew up in the Beatles era, make sure you go see the new movie "Yesterday." You'll love it.


06/30/19 03:25 PM #3931    


Carl Haymond

Great find!
Many thx, Blair.

07/03/19 11:04 AM #3932    


UTawna Johnson (Witney)

Happy Birthday, Marvin!!!

07/10/19 07:38 AM #3933    


Marvin Dansie


Thanks for the birthdays wishes. I had a great birthday hiking with my two grand daughters (5 & 7) in the Efin Forest in Escondido, CA. Just got back yesterday and glad to be home again. It was good to see you at the reunion, I hope you enjoyed it. Take care and I hope you enjoy the rest of the summer.


07/13/19 12:06 AM #3934    


Shauna Bona (Leetham)

Hi class, Why is it that I can name everyone on the steps that Blair posted, but i can't remember what I did with my credit card???????? Who remembers what a Perv,  Orton was????? Funny if you think abou it now. Always trying to look down our shirts, when their wasn't anything there!!!! 


07/13/19 12:19 PM #3935    


Daryl Tucker (Tucker)

Shauna, he was just looking for the potential in his students. He was hoping to see you grow a little while under his watchful gaze.


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