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02/20/20 01:37 PM #3971    


David Lynn

If Apple made a car, would it have Windows?

02/21/20 11:37 AM #3972    


David Lynn

If you're behind someone at the ATM, let them know you're not a threat by gently kissing their neck.

02/24/20 01:04 PM #3973    


David Lynn

Today is one of those days when I know I'm not mentally qualified to carry a gun. On at least four occasions I've mumbled to myself (especially when driving) "I wish I had a gun right now."

Anytime you want me to stop the jokes, I will. Or you can share some. On March 5 we are going to meet at dinner at the T-Bone to celebrate Denny R birthday. and everybody else that turns 69 this year.

We picked Thurs. because Julie (the waitress) like Dennis and she doesn't work all the time anymore. About 6:00.

02/24/20 04:22 PM #3974    


Marvin Dansie

Life - the opportunity to make that short journey through this amazing world. 

The beginning is unclear, and the future is always uncertain - with one exception. 

When that moment occurs - the moment when our journey through this world ends - we will know the truth about death (a prospect that terrifies many). But death is the price for living - you can’t have one without the other.

We all face that one certainty - our job is to fill that time with joy and the wondrous experiences of life with the time we are given.

My earliest recollection is when I was about three years, that memory is still pretty clear to this day. I don’t recall the first time I was aware that I was alive - it sort of just sneaks up on you. 

For the most part, most of us growing up in River City had life pretty cozy compared to the majority of the people on the planet, past or present. The world we lived in was a small town just trying to deal with everyday life of the 1950s & 60s. 

A lot has happened since then, we have lived to become old - a luxury denied to many of our classmates. It has been an amazing trip.

The slice of history that is ours has been the most exciting and magical time since human history began. The Springville of our childhood was a pretty cool place to grow up.

Dave - I wish I could join everyone for lunch - sounds like a good time.


02/24/20 05:55 PM #3975    


David Lynn

Well said Marvin. 

Find out something only dead men know.(Bob Dylan)

I swear there ain't no heaven but pray there ain't no hell, only my dying will tell.  BST, Laura Nyro.

Steve Lynn reminded me of a time we visited Bill Gammel when he had cancer. That meant a lot for him to remind me of that time. I guess it's best to live well while we are here.

02/25/20 12:03 PM #3976    


Daryl Tucker

Great thoughts Marvin and Dave! I heard a talk a while ago and the man said, "Don't let anyone steal your happiness!" Happiness is a choice and nobody can take it from us unless we let them. Stay Happy my excellent friends! Someone else said, “Happiness is the feeling you're feeling when you want to keep feeling it.”

02/25/20 01:13 PM #3977    


David Lynn

You know you are desperate for answers when you look on the second page of Google.

See ya Thursday.

02/26/20 12:56 PM #3978    


David Lynn

Carl, why do bees buzz? Because they can't whistle.

02/27/20 11:24 AM #3979    


Daryl Tucker

Hey Dave, did you know a bee's favorite singer is Sting? Dinner at T-Bone is next Thursday folks, not today. Just a reminder.

02/28/20 10:36 AM #3980    


David Lynn

And their favorite song was "Honey".

The smartest bees are spelling bees.

See you next Thursday.

02/28/20 11:18 AM #3981    


Mart E. (Gardner)

For us who have not join you for a time, what time at the T-Bone?

02/28/20 02:01 PM #3982    


Carl Haymond

Hey Daryl & Dave,
My girls (aka, my backyard bees) just told me that thier favorite singer is BEE-yoncé...but they like Sting too.
See y'all next Thursday (T-Bone, 6:00PM) for some great grub and lots of laughs!

02/29/20 11:54 AM #3983    


David Lynn

What bee is good for your health? vitamin B. Not the BEE Gs? Carl.

6:00 pm Mart.

03/02/20 09:40 AM #3984    


Shauna Bona (Leetham)

What did the bee say to the flower? Hi Honey!!                                                                                                  You didn't know I could tell a sweet joke! Right! See you all on Thursday at 6:00!!

03/04/20 01:41 PM #3985    


Daryl Tucker

Richard Hjorth will be at T-Bone tomorrow night for our get-together. He has 5 of the 50th reunion yearbooks left and 4 of the crystal cubes. He'll bring them with him for anyone who didn't get one the night of the reunion. If you know someone who didn't get one and you can get it to them, pick one up from Richard. 

See you all tomorrow night at 6.

03/05/20 10:26 AM #3986    


David Lynn

I'll bee there. 

Why do bees humm? Because they forgot the words.

03/06/20 03:02 PM #3987    


Carl Haymond

Hey Dave,

You're Un-BEE-lievably funny...good one!

My girls (aka my back-yard bee colony) tell me that if they don’t stop eating, they will eventually become a little chub-bee.


03/09/20 11:28 AM #3988    


David Lynn

Fun dinner.

Why did the queen bee kick out all of the other bees? Because they kept droning on and on.

03/10/20 11:21 AM #3989    


Daryl Tucker

Keep em coming, Dave!

I meant to post this picture a few days ago.  It was taken at the T-Bone last Thursday night. It's the largest group of people we've had together since the reunion last year. It was a lot of fun and we need to do another one soon!

03/20/20 10:55 AM #3990    


David Lynn

What animal do you look like when when you get into the bath?

A little bear.

03/20/20 03:20 PM #3991    


Clint Bailey

Hi All,

Haven't checked in for awhile.  U of U on telework which frankly means I'm not doing a whole lot. Sort of going crazy and it's only been three days.  Since we're in the extreme lockdown demograghic, thought it's a good time to check in with class of 69.  Might have some useful tips on how to combat cabin fever.  The earthquake broke up the tedium.  A little to much.  Stood in my kitchen like a statue.  Didn't follow any of the guidelines.  Good looking dinner bunch.  Perfect scheduling.  Hope everyone doing well.  Strange days.  Funny, I still find myself using 60's jargon without thinking.  Strange days a Doors song.  I was discussing the present situation with a friend earlier in the week and said something like sitting around in my four cornered room.  Realized later that Four Cornered Room is the title of an old War song.  That's good.  Need to keep a little 60's in my soul.  Better sign off.  If the shut-in policy is long term, please don't hold it against me if I sign in and ramble.       

03/20/20 09:10 PM #3992    


Clint Bailey

Me again,

My habit is to go over my emails after each day.  Good practice when doing a lot like I was today.  I wanted to clarify that I meant it was great that you were able to schedule the dinner (I hope to attend one) before they shut everything down.  Don't want anyone to take it the wrong way.  I can can be a little filppant sometimes. Everyone who reads this will probably say, what?  Couldn't move on without clarification  I obviously don't do well in confinement,     

03/23/20 11:02 AM #3993    


Marvin Dansie

I am sure we can all empathize with you Clint, quarantine sucks. It sort of reminds me of the submarine patrols (months at a time under water) that I had the opportunity participate in. I know they really didn’t have a positive affect on my psyche. 


The isolation and/or close proximity of of others in a confined space tends to screw up your mind. I have talked to several of my neighbors that have been telecommuting for work that last few weeks and they all seem to be having continual squabbles with there spouses - they were kind of surprised to find that being stuck at home day after day with their significant other brought out the worst in their relationships. 


When I was in the navy and would go on patrol I always thought it was interesting to see how personal relationships changed among my shipmates. Guys that were good friends that the beginning of a patrol would often be at each others throats by the end of the patrol - usually over very insignificant issues.


At the beginning of the first few patrols that I was on I tried to keep a diary. The first week or so I would make entries in my little book that were several pages long documenting the daily routines and activities. As time wore on and the routines became more and more monotonous my daily entries became shorter and shorter, then less and less frequent until about half way through patrol I would stop altogether. When I look back at the patrols I went on, I could only remember the first few weeks at sea, after that it all seemed to fade into a blur. I got use to odd behavior of many of my shipmates - I knew that they were all sort of losing their minds just like I was. 


I remember that on one patrol (the second one I made, I think) I went though a period where I couldn’t sleep. I went for a week without sleeping. By about the forth or fifth day I was real basket case. I was hallucinating, talking to people who weren’t there and convinced that there were people or other “beings” trying to get me. My odd behavior went unnoticed by my shipmates. I finally went to the corpsman to get something to make me go to sleep, I had to go back a second time because the first time I ‘m sure he had just given me a placebo. The whole time I was still standing my watches and performing maintenance on critical ships equipment. It gave me real confidence about our nations nuclear deterrents. Those experiences didn’t kill me, so I guess they made me stronger (or something).


So, Clint I can understand your comment about not doing well in confinement ;-) 


I don’t think any of us do, but we will make it though.

03/24/20 10:34 AM #3994    


David Lynn

An old Chinese curse (not related to Corona!) says, "May yu live in interesting times." (Not from the T-Bone cookies.) That old proverb implies that while times might, indeed, be interesting they will very likely be challenging as well. All we needed was an earthquake. Oh yeah.

Opps. Glad you survived that Clint, I'm sure it was worse in SLC. I just thought my wife was rolling over in bed.

Marvin, are you sure you talked to the Doctor? Maybe some aliens visited you on ship. It sounds like one experience we didn't get to share.

03/24/20 12:28 PM #3995    


Clint Bailey

Hope people don't think I'm whinning when others are going without pay checks.  You get online and start bouncing around talking with folks.  Marv, I actually remember you describing what it's like to be on a submarine for months when you were on leave back in the day.  You were always so deadpan about it.  Said somthing like the movies ran out pretty fast.  I thought then, and I still do, that it wasn't easy service.  Did get you out of Springville though.  Haha!  I'm kidding.  Tell Coke hello for me.  When I visit my mother, for some reason I usually drive once through Brookside.  I think it's because Brookside is a unique tight subdivision that was filled with people of my youth.  I know, it's a little weird.   Funny when an earthquake provides a welcome relief.  People laughing about where they were and what they were doing.  No reported injuries.  A diversion from the new norm.  Just so you know I'm doing something, University Communications wanted to know if commencement has ever been cancelled.  It hasn't.  Shortened during WWI and WWII but not cancelled.  Take care everyone and be safe.     

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