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01/14/19 06:57 AM #3860    


Marvin Dansie


Are you aware of any on the list that have passed away?

The best information I have is that 41 of our classmates have passed away (they are listed in the "In Memory" section) and none of them were included in the list. It is rather difficult to gather this kind of information without knowing where to look.

You would think that in the age of the internet finding something a simple as someone's phone number would be easy (let alone their other vital information), but its not. I need all the help I can get.



01/14/19 11:30 AM #3861    


Randy Morgan

Marvin Linda wing lives 2 houses west of where I grew up approx 242 west 200 south, Marcel was in Texas last time I heard, Philip Marshall was in colorado, Ken Hulce and Mart both post to the site,

01/14/19 02:42 PM #3862    


Daryl Tucker

Marvin, thanks for your efforts in tracking people down. I believe the In Memory list is accurate, but I would welcome any updates the class might have. Several of the people on the list are living locally and I can get their information. Kate Robertson Schoening and I are working on putting together a "Yearbook" for the reunion and we'd love to have people send us pictures and "bios" on what they've been up to since high school. Contact me through this site or at and we'll get things up-to-date.


Today let's wish a Happy Birthday to Dee Ann Tippetts Kempinger!

01/14/19 08:12 PM #3863    


UTawna Johnson (Witney)


  Moroni Miner posts on FaceBook so you could find him there.  So does Ken Hulce.

Margo Watson Mellor -- 1955 N 500th W, Mapleton, UT 84664

As far as those that have passed away, let me do some checking.


01/16/19 04:32 PM #3864    


Daryl Tucker

Thanks for the help, Tawna!

Happy Birthday, Ann Memory Paxton!

01/17/19 01:03 PM #3865    


Daryl Tucker

Happy Birthday, today, to Marlene Hansen Sheppard and Elise Zimmerman!

01/22/19 04:55 PM #3866    


Daryl Tucker

Happy Birthday, Paula Osborn! See you at the reunion in June!


01/23/19 10:23 AM #3867    


Randy Morgan

01/26/19 03:45 PM #3868    


David Lynn

I remember Randy and Denny with their Head ski's.

Now it's Hula dancers and palm trees.

01/28/19 11:01 AM #3869    


Randy Morgan

01/29/19 11:08 AM #3870    


David Lynn

I saw Chris Thorn do that trick. I stayed on the ground to crash.


02/03/19 01:33 PM #3871    


Daryl Tucker

Happy Birthday, Jay Boyer!



02/11/19 10:34 AM #3872    


David Lynn


wweeeee, Happy birthday Shauna. Where's the party?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             By the way, sorry to hear about Dale, Ray. Losing brothers is hard.

02/11/19 02:13 PM #3873    


Daryl Tucker

Happy Birthday, Shauna! Party hearty, but save some energy for the reunion!

Sorry, Ray Newbury, some of your brother's good friends have told me what a great guy he was.

02/18/19 04:56 PM #3874    


Kenneth Strong

We are blessed with talent in our class. This weekend Kate Robertson Schoening was given an award in front of thousands for her tallent in building and guiding building a world wide expo that is held in The Salt Palace. So big it filled the salt palace with many people waiting to get in in the future.

02/19/19 03:06 PM #3875    


Mart E. (Gardner)

Surfing Facebook today I came across this. I could not help but think of the upcoming 50th reunion. It put more than a smile on my face. I hope you will give you a smile too. 

02/20/19 10:49 AM #3876    


David Lynn

That's good Mart. At least we won't have to set up chairs.

02/20/19 01:21 PM #3877    


Daryl Tucker

Happy Birthday, Trish Whiting Walter!

02/20/19 03:02 PM #3878    


Randy Morgan

02/22/19 09:35 AM #3879    


Charles (Chuck) Gividen

It has been quite awhile since I posted here.  And yes, I am still "here".  So looking forward to the class reunion this June.  It is amazing that it has been 50 years since we graduated from high school.  

02/23/19 12:21 PM #3880    


Daryl Tucker

Happy Birthday, Patrice Carter!

anyone have her emai? She's not registered on this site, but I'd like to invite her to join so we can keep her informed on the reunion.

03/11/19 11:31 AM #3881    


Daryl Tucker

Happy Birthday today to Casey Eileen Simmons and Steve Lynn!

03/12/19 12:18 PM #3882    


Randy Morgan

03/13/19 04:57 PM #3883    


Daryl Tucker

Happy Birthday, Doug Wheeler, you old hippie!

03/16/19 02:03 PM #3884    


Daryl Tucker

Happy Birthdays go out today to Leslie Brinkerhoff Giles, Shauna Davis Noland and Tawna Johnson Witney!

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