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03/16/19 02:03 PM #3884    


Daryl Tucker (Tucker)

Happy Birthdays go out today to Leslie Brinkerhoff Giles, Shauna Davis Noland and Tawna Johnson Witney!

03/27/19 11:01 AM #3885    


David Lynn

Kate, I'm sorry to hear about your mother. She had to have been a special person to have raised your family. Hope your dad is okay.

03/28/19 04:01 PM #3886    


Daryl Tucker (Tucker)

Happy Birthday, Dave Lynn!


On a less happy note: Tonight is Kate Robertson Schoening's mom's viewing at Wheeler Mortuary in Springville from 7 to 9 pm. The funeral is tomorrow at 11 am at Wheeler's. Thought you all might like to know.

03/29/19 12:40 PM #3887    


David Lynn

They do bite.

04/03/19 09:27 PM #3888    


Dusty Collings

I’ve been moving with new addresses, building a new house, downsizing and all that strange stuff. I Changed my email on the site. I hope to get information about this yr’s reunion. I’ll be back to SLC for my youngest to graduate early May. I met with one of our classmates at Indochine the restaurant on 1300 E, SLC. She’s not on the records. I’ll give her the link to sign up. Wow  big picture. Oh well  

04/03/19 09:28 PM #3889    


Dusty Collings

I was mistaken I see Elise Zimmerman is on the profile list. She’s interested in coming to the reunion too. We may try to come down together. 

Where do I get details on the reunion? Thanks.


04/04/19 02:05 PM #3890    


Daryl Tucker (Tucker)

Dusty, the reunion is set for Friday, June 7th and Saturday, June 8th. We'll be re-painting the bus on Friday and the Parade and Reunion Dinner and program will be on Saturday. Kate was able to arrange a special rate on rooms at the Provo Marriott if you're looking for accommodations. Email me if you need details on that. We are also planning on a kind of 50th anniversary yearbook, so we'd like everyone to send us a brief "bio" telling us what you've been up to since graduation. College, work, family and special times or memories are all good things to include, as well as, a photo or two. We'd like that info as soon as it can be put together so we have time for printing it. Email me at with your bio, photos and any questions. Glad to hear you're planning on coming!


And Happy Birthday, Susan Hardy Stutzneger! 

04/12/19 07:54 PM #3891    


Daryl Tucker (Tucker)

Happy Birthday, Carol Golding Pitcher!

04/16/19 01:13 PM #3892    


David Lynn

Well, I've heard from several people who say they like the website, but don't want to post. Maybe it's time, since our reunion is just around the corner. Daryl has kept the site alive. Seems like the only news we get here is sad news and birthdays (well sad news). What would some of the fun discussions we could get going here. Shauna's hair salon? Mart's boat? Dennis's pink golf balls? What ever, jokes you've heard. Answer this for beginners. What kind of dog makes no noise?

04/16/19 01:28 PM #3893    


UTawna Johnson (Witney)

Dave - as in an animal kind of dog?  If not, maybe a hot dog.

04/17/19 10:19 AM #3894    


David Lynn

That's probably a better answer than the real one. Keep guessing.

I think this must be the year of the barking dog, I hear them everywhere.

Thanks for not leaving me hanging UTawna, I thought about deleting that this morning.

04/17/19 11:03 AM #3895    


Kate Robertson (Schoening)

Ok - I haven't posted in a while, so I'll post something about the reunion.  Formal invitations will be coming in the next couple of days -

You won't want to miss our 50th - we've got things happening, surprises and a full two days of nothing but fun with friends - Mark you calendars for June 7 and june 8 - I promise, you will want to be here!

We have reserved a block of rooms at the Provo Marriott for those travelling from out-of- town, with a special rate of just $99.00.  You can book your reservation using the link below, or call the hotel directly at 801-377-4700.  If you call, don’t forget to mention that you are with the Springville High 50th Reunion group.  This rate will be good if booked before May 1.  Come on - get your room and make plans!!

Book your group rate for Springville High 50th Class Reunion Room

And - don't forget to send me or Daryl your "story" after graduation - it doesn't have to be long, just an overview of what you all have been doing. (don't post here, we want your 2019, 50 year, yearbook to be a surprise).  If everyone responds it will make it that much better - send to or - we need it as soon as possible in order to give us time to complete the book before the reunion.

Talk this up to everyone - you are all not even going to believe what a great time this is going to be and the surprises!!!!...........well I'll just leave it at that!

Dennis golfs with pink balls???  :)





04/17/19 12:01 PM #3896    


Roger Judd

Well I was going to post a joke but for some reason this website won’t allow me to cut and paste

04/17/19 01:11 PM #3897    


Tamra Swenson (Cobbley)

Hi Everyone!  I am really excited about the upcoming reunion.  Kate has been talking about some of the plans that are being made.  I hear there are going to be some really amazing door prizes that have been donated.  After talking with Joan Crandall Orton, we have come up with a great idea for one of the prizes.  We are asking for help in creating this! 

If anyone has any T-shirts with a Springville High School logo on it......and would be willing to donate them to Joan & I.....we will get to work on our project!  Just let us know and we will work out a way to come pick them up or have you send them to us.   See you in June!


04/17/19 04:38 PM #3898    


Daryl Tucker (Tucker)

Dave, sorry to leave you hanging, but the only answers I could come up with were too lame to post.

Roger, you can paste on the forum by pressing the control (ctrl) key and letter V key at the same time. It's an old school computer method. (If you have a Mac, it is the "Command" key and letter V.)

Tamra, I've got an old Red Devil T-shirt I can send you. Or, I could drop it off at Joan's.

I can't wait until Kate sends out the invitations. You guys are going to be amazed. There are no excuses for missing this reunion!

04/17/19 09:53 PM #3899    


Tamra Swenson (Cobbley)

That would be great if you would drop it off at Joans!  Thanks!!

04/18/19 10:44 AM #3900    


David Lynn

Hush puppies.

Is that BYOC Kate?

04/22/19 03:23 PM #3901    


Kate Robertson (Schoening)

Hello Everyone - Below is our official Class Reunion Invitation.  This was emailed to everyone that we have email addresses for, so if you didn't get it, please let us know.  Also, because we sent to a lot of address, it has appeared in several peoples "spam" folder, so please check your spam folder.  This is going to be the best reunion ever!  If you haven't attended past reunions and don't feel a part of the group....please, please RSVP and come to this reunion - it will be worth it, I promise!!  We would love to see everyone, 50-years is worth celebrating!!

Ok, all you 1969 Springville Red Devils…..this is the official invitation to the class of 1969 50th Class Reunion!  It will be so much fun to connect with everyone, please plan to attend!!

When:  Friday, June 7, 2019 and Saturday, June 8, 2019

Friday – 4PM:  We will meet at Richard Hjorth’s place - 1375 West 800 N, Mapleton, for the painting of “the bus” and BBQ!   Everyone including spouses or significant other, please come and participate in the fun - starting at 4PM.

Saturday – 9:30AM:  Everyone meet at around Buckley and 400 South as we line up to ride the bus in the Art City Days parade that will begin at 10AM. 

Saturday – 6:00PM:  The Main Event!  Dinner, Door Prizes, Laughter and many other Surprises!  Spouses or significant others are also invited!

Where:  Springville Senior Center - The Memorial Hall, as we know it!  65 East 200 South, Springville.

Price:  No charge – yes, that’s correct, there will be no charge for this fabulous evening!   Spouses or Significant others included!  Dinner & Fun will be provided.

CLICK HERE to RSVP and let us know if you are able to attend.

We’ll need a head count for the food, no later than May 15.  So please reply today!!!

We have reserved a block of rooms at the Provo Marriott for those travelling from out-of- town, with a special rate of just $99.00.  You can book your reservation using the link below, or call the hotel directly at 801-377-4700.  If you call, don’t forget to mention that you are with the Springville High 50th Reunion group to get the discounted rate.

Book your group rate for Springville High 50th Class Reunion Room

If you have questions or need additional information, please contact Kate Schoening, or Daryl Tucker,

We can’t wait to see everyone!  Please RSVP Today!!


***We could really use some assistance in locating all of our classmates.  Please contact Kate or Daryl if you have information or could help in our research.  We’re happy to provide a list of the names we are missing.


Visit our class website at for updated information.

04/22/19 11:41 PM #3902    


Shauna Bona (Leetham)

Wow Kate!!!  No Charge???????? Do we have to all try to guess who is payng for it???? Whoever it is, I'll say thank-you from all of us. Now what excuse will people use not to show up. The more the merrier class. I hope everyone shows up at least part of the time!! I personally love our class and all of you 69er's. See you ALL in June!!! WOOT! WOOT! 

04/24/19 02:44 PM #3903    


Dennis Sorensen

I only use pink golf balls when I golf with David, Eric and Daryl.  


04/26/19 10:24 AM #3904    


David Lynn

Wow, it's going to be a fun reunion. Help Kate know who's coming by clicking where it says click here on post 3901. I missed it myself. Theres some good stuff coming and Kate, Daryl, Carl, Richard and others who want to be anonymous, havehave done a ton of work.

04/29/19 01:57 PM #3905    


Kate Robertson (Schoening)

Hello Everyone-

It's getting close....we deserve a party for out 50th, and it's going to be one!!  You do not want to miss out on all the fun, laughter and memories - please RSVP to come if you haven't already!

CLICK HERE to RSVP and let us know if you are able to attend.

Also - another shout out to put together a brief story of your last 50 years since high school - seriously, it can be brief with some current pictures - email to katesattitude@gmail (don't post here).  Let me know if you have any questions - the more that reply with their story, the more fun the yearbook will be.

I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone.  RSVPS are coming in!  It's going to be great!!

05/01/19 09:17 AM #3906    


Shauna Bona (Leetham)

Hi everyone, The class reunion is getting closer and there are a lot of fun things pllanned. We went over and talked to Steve Clement and John Edmunds about getting shirts made. It was so fun catching up with them. So they will make shirts for us if anyone is interested. I'm not sure how to go about sizess and who would want them. How about if you want one just text my phone with your name and size so we can go from there!!! 801-368-1252. They will be around 10 bucks and they will make hats if anyone would like one too!!!!


05/07/19 12:28 PM #3907    


Carl Haymond

Great idea, Shauna!  Thanks for coordinating and organizing this with Steve Clement and John Edmunds (Westpro) for our 50th reunion!

ONE and ALL, Class of 1969…contact Shauna (text - 801-368-1252) with your shirt(s) size details ASAP!  Time is running short.

05/17/19 04:26 PM #3908    


Kate Robertson (Schoening)

Hi everyone!

Check your email, I just sent out a blast email reminder!  RSVP now for the reunion!  CLICK HERE to RSVP and let us know if you are able to attend.  It's worth celebrating our 50 years!!  The committee has put in a lot of work to make this a memorable event and fun for everyone - Just Do It!!

BBQ and bus painting, Friday, June 7 - Richard Hjorth's place

Riding on the bus in the parade, Sat, June 8

Main Event, Saturday, June 8 - Senior Center (Memorial Hall)

N/C to everyone!!

Let me know if you have questions or need additional information!



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