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11/21/18 10:18 PM #3841    


Shauna Bona (Leetham)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!! I'm thankful that I was lucky enough to be born into such a wonderful class of great people!!!!!!  What are you thankful for??????


11/22/18 11:05 AM #3842    


David Lynn

I'm grateful I can't have everything. I'd have no place to put it. Happy Thanksgiving everybody.

11/25/18 12:14 PM #3843    


Daryl Tucker

Happy Birthday, Kate Robertson Schoening!

11/30/18 03:21 PM #3844    


Daryl Tucker

Happy Bithday Mike Nielson and Rebecca Fechser Everett!

12/01/18 05:28 PM #3845    


Daryl Tucker

Happy Birthday, Susan Parker Childs!

12/13/18 11:13 AM #3846    


David Lynn

You don't get to decide your part in the school play, but you do get to decide whether or not you play it well. Much like life, play it the best you can.


12/27/18 03:20 PM #3847    


Daryl Tucker

Hey Rick Patten! Here's a belated Happy Birthday for you on Christmas Day and Happy Birthday, today, to Julie Garrett Geisner!

12/29/18 10:06 AM #3848    


Blair Packard

Carl and Arlene Haymond are in Arizona over the weekend for a family wedding. A big thanks to Carl for getting us together last night at our home in Gilbert for dinner and good conversation - catching up after 50 years.

Blair, Cindy, Carl - SHS class of 69 and still going!

12/30/18 08:55 PM #3849    


Shauna Bona (Leetham)

You guys look great!I've always wondered how it would be to be somewhere else on Christmas without snow! Well we went to Disneyland this year! It was great but it's not the same as Utah in the snow. Do you guys who live away miss our good old Christmas's around here??

01/02/19 03:11 PM #3850    


Daryl Tucker

Happy Birthday, Moroni Miner - New Year's Baby 1951!

01/05/19 02:57 PM #3851    


Marvin Dansie

Now that the holidays are over and the new year has begun it is time to get serious about the detail planning of the the Class of '69 50th reunion. The reunion will be during Art City Days (June 7th & 8th).

I talked to Richard Hjorth and it looks like the bus for the parade is mechanically OK, but needs to be repainted since the Class of '70 changed that fine paint job the we did in 2014.

Now is the time for any suggestions that might help make the reunion a success.

As soon as there is a somewhat firm plan I will try to contact all of our classmates that I have contact information for either by email or snail mail. As the plan proceeds I will post updates and requests on this forum.    

If you have any information that you would like to provide to me, you can post it here or send it to me by text or email (cell 253-347-0769, email

Let see if we can make the reunion something to remember.



01/06/19 10:52 AM #3852    


Mart E. (Gardner)

Just to let you know, I keep up on things reading all the posts. I'm willing to help just let me know what is needed, I enjoyed the last pant party and my wife and I are looking forward to repeating the event. 

01/06/19 07:44 PM #3853    


Marvin Dansie

That is good to hear Mart. I plan on leaning on a number of our classmates to help make this work out, so don't be surprised when I ask for your help.

By the way, is there anything that you think would make for a better reunion or encourage our classmates to attend?


01/07/19 10:35 AM #3854    


Mart E. (Gardner)

Glenna (Springville 72) and I are willing to do whatever we can to help. 

What about offering to try and find a room for class members to stay at if coming from out of state. We can just post who is looking for a room and see if anyone living close can help out. 
Next, maybe get with one of the larger hotels in the area for a special rate and offer to help get them from the airport or bus station to the room and then to the events and back to the airport.  Most of us are now in retirement therefor funding just may keep some who would like to join us from doing so.  

01/07/19 01:13 PM #3855    


Daryl Tucker

Marvin I've got some feedback for you I'm sending in an email.


Happy Birthday to Emily Snedeger Stallings!

01/07/19 03:15 PM #3856    


Kate Robertson (Schoening)

Hello Everyone-

Haven't posted for a while, but still read about what is going on.  Wishing everyone a happy, healthy New Year and really looking forward to our reunion this summer -

Marvin- I want to help any way that I can.  I sent you an email with some feedback and ideas.

In response to Mart's post - I still work with all the Salt Lake hotels on a daily basis, so I will be able to set us up a room block with a rate for those that will be coming from out of town.  I will be able to work with the Provo Marriott, through my contacts and/or any hotel in Salt Lake City.  

Let's gear up everyone and make this one Epic......if any class can do it, it's our class!!

01/08/19 01:15 PM #3857    


Daryl Tucker

Thanks, Kate! You're always there for us!

Happy Birthday, Scott Robinson!

01/13/19 05:36 PM #3858    


Marvin Dansie

I have been looking at the contact information that I have for our classmates so that I can let them know about the reunion, but I don't have that information for a number of our classmates.

If you know a good email address or phone number for any of the following people please let me know. You can text me at 253-347-0769 or email me at

Steven Barker

Joyce Bartholomew

Charlene Begay

Kathy Bennett Roderick

Ester Biesinger

Billy Bishop

Mike Bowen

Linda Brown

Lynn Brown 

Karen Christensen Lee

Warren Christensen

Effie Mae Clark

Delma Corry

Bruce Cox

Jean Davis Jepsen

Mart Gardner

Geanna Hatfield Gren

Ken Hulce

Steven Jackson

Paul Johnson

Mary Lou Kelly

Phillip Marshall

Maroni Miner

John Robertson

Tony Sanchez

Larry Schaugard

Mike Smith

Michael Stark

Robert Stokes

Barbara Temple

Don Terry

James Thompson

Margo Watson Mellor

Kristine White

Marcel Whiting

Cynthia Wilcken

Linda Wing McCausland

01/13/19 06:22 PM #3859    


UTawna Johnson (Witney)


Some of these classmates have passed away.  Get with Daryl and he can probably help you with those who have.

01/14/19 06:57 AM #3860    


Marvin Dansie


Are you aware of any on the list that have passed away?

The best information I have is that 41 of our classmates have passed away (they are listed in the "In Memory" section) and none of them were included in the list. It is rather difficult to gather this kind of information without knowing where to look.

You would think that in the age of the internet finding something a simple as someone's phone number would be easy (let alone their other vital information), but its not. I need all the help I can get.



01/14/19 11:30 AM #3861    


Randy Morgan

Marvin Linda wing lives 2 houses west of where I grew up approx 242 west 200 south, Marcel was in Texas last time I heard, Philip Marshall was in colorado, Ken Hulce and Mart both post to the site,

01/14/19 02:42 PM #3862    


Daryl Tucker

Marvin, thanks for your efforts in tracking people down. I believe the In Memory list is accurate, but I would welcome any updates the class might have. Several of the people on the list are living locally and I can get their information. Kate Robertson Schoening and I are working on putting together a "Yearbook" for the reunion and we'd love to have people send us pictures and "bios" on what they've been up to since high school. Contact me through this site or at and we'll get things up-to-date.


Today let's wish a Happy Birthday to Dee Ann Tippetts Kempinger!

01/14/19 08:12 PM #3863    


UTawna Johnson (Witney)


  Moroni Miner posts on FaceBook so you could find him there.  So does Ken Hulce.

Margo Watson Mellor -- 1955 N 500th W, Mapleton, UT 84664

As far as those that have passed away, let me do some checking.


01/16/19 04:32 PM #3864    


Daryl Tucker

Thanks for the help, Tawna!

Happy Birthday, Ann Memory Paxton!

01/17/19 01:03 PM #3865    


Daryl Tucker

Happy Birthday, today, to Marlene Hansen Sheppard and Elise Zimmerman!

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