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06/28/19 03:49 PM #3928    


Daryl Tucker

Here's a picture from the Springville Herald printed 50 years ago this week. I don't recognize Dave Lynn as one of the swimmers, but he was probably nearby. I thought the interesting thing is that Linda and Coke Schardine's dad, Bud, is credited for building the starting blocks the swimmers are diving from. This is a sample of the cool stuff you can now find online at Utah Digital Newspapers. I clicked on the "advanced search" button, checked the "All newspapers" box to eliminate the checks on all the newspapers and then scrolled down to the Springville Herald and clicked to put a check just on that newspaper. Then I went back to the "date range" search and enter 1969-06-20 to 1969-06-30 and then scrolled down to the "submit" button at the bottom of the page. It brought up the Herald issue for June 26, 1969 and I looked through some of the pages and found this photo and article. It's pretty straight forward, but if you have difficulty let me know and I'll try and walk you through the process.

And thanks, Clint, for the shout out, but I had a small part in a large effort that thanks to you, the University of Utah and the Marriott Library gave us a huge gift of historical material to search for free online!

06/29/19 01:51 PM #3929    


David Lynn

It looks like everybody is going, even the kid on the side. All age groups at a time.

06/30/19 12:00 AM #3930    


Blair Packard

Yes, thank you Clint and Daryl. Some months ago when this information was posted earlier I took a trip down memory lane through the Springville Herald archives and found this classic (attached). It is at Springville Jr. High on the stairs, of Mr. Orton's typing class. Have fun remembering. On another topic for us 69ers who grew up in the Beatles era, make sure you go see the new movie "Yesterday." You'll love it.


06/30/19 03:25 PM #3931    


Carl Haymond

Great find!
Many thx, Blair.

07/03/19 11:04 AM #3932    


UTawna Johnson (Witney)

Happy Birthday, Marvin!!!

07/10/19 07:38 AM #3933    


Marvin Dansie


Thanks for the birthdays wishes. I had a great birthday hiking with my two grand daughters (5 & 7) in the Efin Forest in Escondido, CA. Just got back yesterday and glad to be home again. It was good to see you at the reunion, I hope you enjoyed it. Take care and I hope you enjoy the rest of the summer.


07/13/19 12:06 AM #3934    


Shauna Bona (Leetham)

Hi class, Why is it that I can name everyone on the steps that Blair posted, but i can't remember what I did with my credit card???????? Who remembers what a Perv,  Orton was????? Funny if you think abou it now. Always trying to look down our shirts, when their wasn't anything there!!!! 


07/13/19 12:19 PM #3935    


Daryl Tucker

Shauna, he was just looking for the potential in his students. He was hoping to see you grow a little while under his watchful gaze.


07/22/19 11:11 AM #3936    


UTawna Johnson (Witney)

Happy Birthday, Daryl!!!

07/22/19 12:27 PM #3937    


David Lynn

To the greatest showman, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARYL.

07/25/19 10:00 AM #3938    


Daryl Tucker

Thanks for the happy birthday wishes everyone! Today it's Dennis Sorensen's turn to join us on another journey around the sun. Happy Birthday my Red Devil friend!

07/30/19 10:11 AM #3939    


Daryl Tucker

Happy Birthday, Stephen Harder! A bunch of us are ready to come over and help you paint that new RV.

07/31/19 09:33 AM #3940    


David Lynn

Good idea Daryl, we have some left over paint. We should cut the sides out too.

08/05/19 04:40 PM #3941    


Daryl Tucker

Just got word Randy Morgan passed away this morning. Another Saint got his wings.

08/05/19 05:40 PM #3942    


UTawna Johnson (Witney)

Oh No, Daryl!!!  Do you know what happened?  crying

08/05/19 05:45 PM #3943    


Kenneth Strong

I just heard that. What a great guy he was

08/06/19 10:56 AM #3944    


David Lynn

"A Whole Lot of Love" for that Saint. It was our privilege to have him write that song for our 50th reunion. He wanted to be here for it. He was kind and always welcomed a conversation. I'm going to miss him.


08/06/19 03:09 PM #3945    


Daryl Tucker

I don't know any specific circumstances surrounding Randy's passing, but I do know his health hadn't been great the past few years. He had lost a lot of weight on his doctor's orders, but still needed an oxygen tank to help with his breathing. About a week ago, I met a friend from Randy's ward in Hawaii who said he was worried about his health. I guess he had good reason. I suppose Randy just exchanged one paradise for another.

08/10/19 12:04 PM #3946    


Larry Lowery

Hi everyone. 

Got a message from Ray Newbury that while helpintg one of their sons to Florida that Patty has suffered a mild stroke. They are still there trying to figure out just how much damage has been done and just how they will be returning to Utah. 

I asked Ray if he minded people knowing and he was ok with it and would like your faith and prayers in their behalf. 

Thanks Larry

08/11/19 10:24 PM #3947    


UTawna Johnson (Witney)

Thank you, Larry.  heart

08/14/19 10:57 PM #3948    


Larry Lowery

Hi everyone just to let you know Ray and Pat are suppose to arrive just after midnight at SLC  airport if all goes well. Ray said there is no place like home.


08/31/19 03:25 PM #3949    


Daryl Tucker

Happy Birthday, Kenny Hulce!

09/19/19 12:03 PM #3950    


David Lynn

You've probably noticed our class heart beat has slowed down. Daryl is recovering from being old. Prayers to to you brother.

09/19/19 02:11 PM #3951    


UTawna Johnson (Witney)

Prayers for a healthy recovery, Daryl.

Dave ... what's the Rx for recovering from being old?!  We need to know!! :)

09/20/19 03:09 PM #3952    


Daryl Tucker

Thanks! The good thoughts and prayers are working! I spent a couple of days in the hospital with pneumonia. (By the way, the pneumococcal pneumonia shots only protect you from one type of bacteria! So, get the shots, but don't expect to be completely protected!) I'm feeling much better, but my doctor says it might be several weeks before I get back to full speed. You never know what might be around the corner, so take it easy everyone and stay healthy!

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