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05/11/20 11:02 AM #4023    


David Lynn

Ken is home but still needs prayers and friends. I thought his spirits were good for where he is at. 

05/11/20 04:24 PM #4024    


UTawna Johnson (Witney)

Is it okay to ask what is wrong with Ken?

05/11/20 05:00 PM #4025    


Kenneth Strong

Ken has blood clots in his lungs and his heart is in afib. They shocked him twice to try to get his heart in rhythm but no luck.

05/11/20 08:34 PM #4026    


UTawna Johnson (Witney)

Ouch, Ken!!!!  I'll definitely remember you, your family, and your medical team in my prayers. ♥♥

05/11/20 10:48 PM #4027    


Robyn Hardy

I am very sad to hear about our class mates in recent days.  My prayers are with Ken for a speedy recovery.  Such and active guy and great outdoorsman.  I especially saddened to hear about Kevin.  Kevin was a neighbor of mine growing up.  I was there when his dad built their home. Kevin and I, our earlier years, had a great time together hiking the mountains, and playing catch with a football.  We kinda of grew apart during the later years of High School, but I will always remember him as funny, kind and good natured.  Kevin, Craig Devinish and I had some great times rodding around in Craigs old Ford.  We are having too many class mates leave us way to early.  I keep in touch with the posts on this site, but do not contribute very often.  But I want you to know that what a great class of 69 we have.  Those of you that I knew best I will always remember.  Live the best you can with the time you have left.  Forgive others and find love and peace in your life and share it with others.

05/12/20 10:34 PM #4028    


Shauna Bona (Leetham)

 Sorry to hear about the loss of our classmates! Marvin I'm still figuring out how to send you a picture of the clock. I listen to it every hour. I love the sound of it and I think of you every tme it chimes!!  It means a ton to me. You did such a great job of  making it!!   Tawna thanks for the advice on how to post pictures! But you know my age, I forgot what I was going to post!!!  Alright Ken, get your butt up and get better!!!! Your to important to our class to be getting out of here!!!!  It's good to hear from you Robin!  And Cindy and Blair if your reading this. I couldn't find the link to donate to the Lupis cause!  i hope your daughter is doing better!!!  Love you all!!!


07/23/20 10:54 AM #4029    


David Lynn

My doctor asked me if I had any questions for him Monday. I said I had a problem having to urinate every morning at 7:00. He said that's normal, I said but I don't get up until 9:00. 

Hope everybody is doing good now. Happy Birthday Daryl, soon Dennis. Good to hear you are doing better than you were Ken.

We were right,

Peace and Love.

07/30/20 12:53 PM #4030    


Marvin Dansie

Coke and I decided we needed to get out of the house for a while so we went for a road trip over to the Olympic Peninsula (north-west part of the state) to look at the big trees.


There were trees that were taller than this one in the Hoh Rain Forest (the only remaining temperate rain forest in the US), but this old Western Red Cedar was pretty impressive. It is outside the park, so it is a miracle it has survived.

I think it does your soul good to visit the old growth forests, it is like being in one of nature's sacred cathedrals.

If you ever have the opportunity to visit the Hoh Rain Forest, I highly recommend doing so.





07/31/20 03:20 PM #4031    


David Lynn

Wow, who was the tree trimmer? Those are nice.

08/01/20 08:57 PM #4032    


Carl Haymond

Awesome trip, Marvin. The Olympic Peninsula is an amazing and beautiful area. Great pic!

09/01/20 11:02 AM #4033    


Daryl Tucker

I haven't posted in a while. I hope everyone is surviving this pandemic in good shape. I see posts from some of you on Facebook, so I'm glad to hear that much from my great Red Devil friends. There have been many changes over the past six months and let's all hope the world settles down now and becomes that place we used to take for granted. 

I have just one item of news to share. Paul Johson's mother, Orpha Dee, passed away a little over a week ago. I know some of you were able to attend the graveside service at Evergreen Cemetery. I just want to add my condolences to Paul and his family.

09/02/20 11:32 AM #4034    


Carl Haymond

Thank you, Daryl. 

So sorry to hear about the passing of Paul's mother.  My sincere condolence to Paul and his family.

09/16/20 10:59 PM #4035    


Kenneth Strong

On a happy note, my granddaughter was art queen last year. She is homecoming queen this year. Makes me proud

09/17/20 10:25 AM #4036    


Carl Haymond

Great news Ken!  Congratulations to you, your grandaughter and family!

09/17/20 11:02 AM #4037    


David Lynn

I'm glad you are still here to enjoy it. Makes it worth living.

09/18/20 09:17 PM #4038    


Daryl Tucker

You deserve to be proud Ken! Congratulations.


On a different note, another parent of one of our classmates has passed away. Kate Roberson Schoening's dad passed away this week. I'm not sure about how public the viewing will be, but it is scheduled for Sunday at Wheeler Mortuary in Springville and the funeral will be on Monday. Details can be viewed on Wheeler's website. In any event, I just want Kate to know we love her and send her and her family our sincerest condolences.

10/02/20 04:34 PM #4039    


UTawna Johnson (Witney)

Happy Birthday, Linda Schardine!!

10/17/20 11:49 AM #4040    


Daryl Tucker

I hope you're all surviving this pandemic okay. I'm so glad we got to celebrate our 50-year reunion last year. It will last a long time as a great memory.

Just a note of sadness to add; Patty Young Hulce's dad, LeGrande, passed away this past week and there will be a graveside service this afternoon. I'm sure you will all join me in expressing our deepest condolences to Patty, Kenny and the whole family.

10/19/20 11:27 AM #4041    


David Lynn

So sorry Patty. It's hard to be a kid anymore after your Dad is gone.

11/20/20 08:19 PM #4042    


Shauna Bona (Leetham)

 Sorry about your Dad Patti!  I have had Covid for the last month, I hope no  one else gets it beause it sucks!! I knew i was brain dead being blonde and everything. But with Covid i really don't remember about a week of it. I did a lot of things that i don't remember at all. Kinda freaks you out when you here what a bitch I was to Mikele who was taking care of me. Glad my brain is back,but it leaves you really tired. But i survived and now I'm good to go again. Wear your masks and stay safe!!!! Love you all, Shauna


11/24/20 09:23 AM #4043    


Marvin Dansie

Shauna - Glad to hear that you survived covid and are here to tell the tale.

These are some of the darkest days of the pandemic and many people won't fare as well. I just wish people would take it seriously - just because they don't believe in it doesn't mean it won't still kill them. Hopefully (with the access to a vaccine) a year from now the pandemic will be in the rear view mirror.

11/27/20 01:34 PM #4044    


David Lynn

Sorry Shauna about your sister in law. So glad you made it through the Covid. Is it true blood type has something to do with how much you suffer with it? Sorry to all others that may have suffered. Stay safe everybody.

Also sad to hear about your sister Jill.

11/30/20 10:58 PM #4045    


Daryl Tucker

Sorry, Shauna, that you had to deal with the stupid virus and I'm glad you're feeling a bit better. I'm sorry to hear about your sister-in-law's passing and I just heard today that Jill Christensen Tuttle lost a sister, too. 2020 is a year we'll all be glad to go away at the end of December. 

Mike Bowen pointed out that I had neglected to add Randy Morgan to the "In Memory" list last year. I've added his obituary and a couple of pictures I'm sure many of you will want to check out. He was definitely an iconic figure in our class. Love to you all and everybody try to stay healthy!

12/01/20 12:23 AM #4046    


UTawna Johnson (Witney)

Thanks, Daryl for the update.

Shauna and Jill, I'm sorry for the losses of your family members. heart

Shauna, my sister had the virus back in the spring and she still has up and down days. I hope your up days far outweigh the down days.

12/01/20 10:33 AM #4047    


Jill Christensen (Tuttle)

Thank you for your kind words . It's really hard to lose a sibling. Especially so suddenly. 

I want to wish all of you a very  healthy and Merry Christmas. 

I love our class and all of you . 

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